Shawn D.

Software Engineer


Simon Fraser University

B.Sc. Computing Science

Some Languages

Some Projects

Resume Hive

A real time resume search engine made in Angular.JS during DubHacks 2015. Finds, parses, and stores resumes from the web, allowing for full text resume search and organizes resumes into categories based on job title. demo

ResumeHive working screenshot

Read With Friends

Socket.IO webapp allowing you to read the same page with a friend, see their location on the page, follow their exact position on the page and read with them. src demo

Read With Friends working screenshot


A GIS data aggregate which presents information to users in British Columbia based on a location they select. It presents them with information such as crime rates, proximity to bars, proximity to schools, etc. Utilizes large open datasets and allows for users to easily filter them to find the information they want.

Homely main page with filters, heatmap, and popup bubble box.


GROW Hackathon 2014 project. Utilized UGrokIt to scan RFID tags on visitors at Whistler Blackcomb to provide customer profile information to service staff providing a customized user experience to visitors.

Mobile device would bring up visitors name and information relevant to the context. For example, restaurant owners could see how many times someone visited their restaurant, hotel concierges and valets could greet visitors staying at their hotel by name. Track stats and movement of customers at the resort.

Knowledge Map

Hack The North 2014 project. Allow for search of any item, for example "weather" and return related terms and categories.

Search terms have five nodes thought to be most relevant. Results returned in real time, any subject or term can be searched. Elon Musk would return five nodes on the "Knowledge Map":

Weather Alert

NW Hacks Micro project. Mobile phone app that periodically gets weather information and informs the user of potential threats near them.

For example the app gets earthquake data from the U.S. Geological Survey, and displays the quakes on a map. If the user is within the proximity of the earthquake they receive a notification informing them they are in potential danger.

UBC CICSR Library Managment System

Library Catalog Management System written in Java (JSP) built ontop of MySQL.

ChocoLMS library material page


A real time platform to facilitate realtime interaction in a classroom setting between a teacher and their students.

ChocoLMS library material page


A POSIX Linux shell programmed in C as an experiment. src